OpenText Archiving

OpenText Archiving is a component of OpenText’s Enterprise Information Management (EIM) platform that focuses on the archiving and long-term retention of enterprise information. OpenText Archiving solutions help organizations address regulatory compliance requirements, reduce storage costs, and ensure the availability and integrity of critical business data.

Key aspects of OpenText Archiving


OpenText Archiving enables the capture, preservation, and management of both structured and unstructured data. It supports archiving various types of content, including emails, documents, records, images, videos, and more.


OpenText Archiving helps organizations comply with legal, industry, and internal regulations by providing features such as retention management, legal hold, and defensible disposal. It enables organizations to enforce consistent policies for data retention and disposition, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.


Archiving solutions from OpenText help reduce storage costs by moving less frequently accessed data from primary storage to more cost-effective storage tiers, such as lower-performance disk or tape. This approach frees up primary storage space, improves system performance, and optimizes storage infrastructure costs.


OpenText Archiving solutions offer powerful search capabilities, allowing users to quickly locate and retrieve archived information based on different criteria, such as keywords, metadata, or timeframes. This helps improve productivity and enables efficient access to archived data.


OpenText Archiving integrates with various enterprise systems and repositories, including email platforms (such as Microsoft Exchange and IBM Notes), content management systems, business applications, and databases. This ensures that archived data remains accessible within the context of other business processes and applications.


OpenText Archiving includes features for data preservation and long-term integrity, ensuring that archived information remains intact, authentic, and unaltered over time. This is particularly important for compliance purposes and legal defensibility.

Important Note

OpenText Archiving solutions are designed to scale to meet the needs of large organizations with vast amounts of data and stringent compliance requirements. They provide a comprehensive archiving framework to help businesses manage their information lifecycle effectively.

Please note that specific details and functionalities of OpenText Archiving may vary based on the specific solution or version you are referring to. It’s recommended to

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